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Welcome to Mouth Magazine.
We are an online magazine dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of delicious local food in and around Kingston-upon-Thames. Run and written by a group of postgraduate Magazine Journalism students at Kingston University, we say why shop at generic supermarkets, when there are mouth-watering independent markets, restaurants and producers right on our doorstep?
We are…

For Mouth

Janet, Online Editor

Baking yummy delicious treats is one of Janet’s favourite ways to pass the time, eating them is the other. You can always tell if she’s pleased with her meal if a little tune escapes her mouth through chews. In a war between carrot and chocolate cake chocolate is victorious (though carrot puts up a good fight).

Hannah, Print Editor

Hannah is a food obsessive who’ll try anything once! Hannah has just finished working at bi-monthly fashion magazine Schön! as a writer and press assistant. Her favourite thing to eat is a classic piece of steak, as long as it’s cooked right!

Solmaz, Deputy Print Editor

Solmaz is a very fussy eater who spent most of her student life eating ready-made pizza. Hailing from the backwater of London, she has seen more chicken shops than coffee shops.  She spends most of her time asking indie celebrities awkward questions. Her favourite food is her mum’s eggplant and chicken rice.

Danielle, Chief Sub-Editor

Danielle describes herself as a great eater and spent last year munching and cooking her way around the world. Danielle also works as a copywriter for Eco-friendly car-sharing company Zipcar. Her favourite dish is pan-fried duck breast with chilli and plum sauce.

Lauren, Art Director 

Lauren has Mycophobia- the fear of mushrooms. This phobia is unusual considering she will eat just about anything edible. She is fully indulging in the opportunity to sample the local foods of Kingston for Mouth and her favourite food is Tapas.

Ian, Art DirectorIan

Ian is a vegetarian with a particular passion for pizzas and curries (but not at the same time).  He is a qualified horticulturist, freelance feature writer and keen photographer.  Apart from food, he writes about architecture and design for various magazines, including C20 and The Modernist.

photoBuky, Social Media Editor

Buky is a lover of all things food related, if she’s not eating food she’s thinking about it. An unashamed book worm, this London based features editor loves nothing more than to curl up with a great read. Her favourite dish is grilled peri peri chicken and rice.

Emma, Picture Editor

Emma is a former picky eater who will now try almost anything. Being Irish, she could survive solely on tea (milk, no sugar), but her favourite meal is pasta and she has never met a carb she didn’t like. Emma also writes for


Simon, Feature Editor

Simon gave up meat a year ago (but not fish) and is still trying to work out if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It would help if he could progress beyond making cheese on toast and tuna salad but he’s willing to learn. Simon works as a freelance journalist and copywriter. He salivates at the thought of roasted asparagus dipped in melted butter.

Sarah, Sub-Editor

Sarah was, according to her mother, ‘born in a kitchen.’ She makes friends by baking peanut butter cookies and was raised on a strict diet of homemade sauerkraut, deer, and fresh-caught fish. Despite being introduced to cooking through German and Irish dishes, her favourite dishes are Japanese – she could actually eat her weight in sushi. Sarah will soon be interning for delcious. magazine.

Olivia, Chief Sub-Editor

Olivia loves to cook and bake, as well as dig through html. She’s glad she’s finally found a way of combining both passions as web editor on Mouth! Olivia has also contributed articles to pop culture websites such as Impossible Podcasts and The F Word. Though she’ll eat just about anything, the best way to her heart is with a good old bacon sandwich.

Inga, Production Editor

Neha, Marketing and Distribution 


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  1. March 25, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

    Uh you guys are local, will keep an eye on this 🙂

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